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Specijalistička obuka „Etika za javne službenike”

Centar za bezbednosne studije, uz evropsku podršku, uspešno je realizovao poslednji ciklus specijalističke obuke „Etika za javne službenike”, 30. maja. Obuka je trajala četiri meseca, a stru . . . Opširnije...
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Problemi srpske politike

Issues of Serbian Politics

Issues of Serbian Politics brings articles by reputed Serbian and international experts, dealing with a broad array of issues that represent priorities for the current development of Serbian domestic and international policy. The issues under consideration range from the controversies over the Rambouillet negotiations (Karl Kaser, University of Graz), to issues of just war and peace (Zlatko Isakovic, Institute of Canadian Studies and Human Rights Research, Ottawa), to problems of regionalization (Jovica Trkulja, Center for Comparative Legal Studies, Beograd), sustainable peace settlements, and a number of other key issues.

The collection aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the problems and perceived dilemmas, as well as suggested solutions, in Serbia at the turn of the Millennium. It is envisaged as a key reading for all those involved in policy-making concerning the Balkan region, as well as for advanced students and practitioners in the areas of political science, regional economics, security studies and international relations more broadly conceived.

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Krivični zakon Republike Srbije

Krivični zakon Republike Srbije

Prečišćen tekst sa komentarima antikorupcijskih odredbi

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