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Specijalistička obuka „Etika za javne službenike”

Centar za bezbednosne studije, uz evropsku podršku, uspešno je realizovao poslednji ciklus specijalističke obuke „Etika za javne službenike”, 30. maja. Obuka je trajala četiri meseca, a stru . . . Opširnije...
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The Centre for Security studies (CSS) is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization based in Belgrade, Serbia. Established in 1998, it gathers around 50 experts in political science, international relations, economics, law and allied fields.

CSS works on anti-corruption and anti-organised crime policy design, training, education, publication, and provide advice to the government in all these areas.

CSS is dedicated to build alliences between professionals, bring the efforts of individuals together to bear upon both the government and non-governental organizations to improve the standards of delivery and performance.

CSS specialises in capacity-building, primarily focusing on the training of mid-career and younger officials within the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance and other relevant government ministries, agencies and services involved in the area of security, whether directly or indirectly. We focus on the politically-neutral facets of soft security, mostly on the modern comparative methodology to address organised crime, terrorism, and systemic corruption.

CSS has staff and associates with prodigious international academic and policy records.

CSS is currently the most active informal training centre for the government in the area of anti-corruption as well as anti-organised crime methodology, and some of the leading views and initiatives that shape Serbian security policy emanate from it, through the writings and public appearances of its staff and associates.


Statute CBS-CSS (In Serbian)