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Specijalistička obuka „Etika za javne službenike”

Centar za bezbednosne studije, uz evropsku podršku, uspešno je realizovao poslednji ciklus specijalističke obuke „Etika za javne službenike”, 30. maja. Obuka je trajala četiri meseca, a stru . . . Opširnije...
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22–23 October 2010
Hotel Life Design
Belgrade, Serbia

The Centre for Security Studies, in cooperation with the Swedish Government, organised a two-day international conference “Social Dimensions of Soft Insecurity” on 22–23 October 2010 in Belgrade.

The conference gathered professionals, including the leading professionals in the field, from Serbia and the region who addressed the strategic issues of anti-organised crime policy within a context generated by CSS’s long standing cooperation with SIDA in working within this area. The aim of this conference was to discuss issues of immediate relevance both to Serbia and to the region, as soft security had shaped up as a prime policy issue in the transitional and post-transitional circumstances in this part of Europe.