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Specijalistička obuka „Etika za javne službenike”

Centar za bezbednosne studije, uz evropsku podršku, uspešno je realizovao poslednji ciklus specijalističke obuke „Etika za javne službenike”, 30. maja. Obuka je trajala četiri meseca, a stru . . . Opširnije...
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23 and 24 April 2004
Hotel Hyatt Regency, Beograd
"Beograd" and "Crystal Hall"Conference Rooms


The Security Policy Group of the Management Center has organised international conference "Security in Southeastern Europe" in Belgrade on 23 and 24 April.

The conference has revolved around the book that Professor Aleksandar Fatic, had edited, and the Security Policy Group published this year, entitled the same as the conference. At the same time, the conference was a broader event, which brought together high-profile participants from the ranks of the British, Swedish, German, Greek academia, as well as representatives of various international organisations and professional agencies active in the region. It featured presentations by Misha Glenny, James Gow, Othon Anastasakis and other experts involved in security studies of the region, or in the security policy relating to the region.

The general aim of the conference was to address mainly the soft security challenges arising from organized crime and terrorism, especially as related to the danger of criminalisation of the political structures of the region at this confusing stage of political transitions.

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